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Why You Need a USA VPN

American citizens are turning toward Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to ensure they are not becoming victims of hackers, ISP Snoopers, and State Surveillance. The changes made in FCC Regulations in 2017, requires ISPs to get your consent before giving your browsing history and activities to third parties. This information is being sold to the highest bidder. With the help of CASVPN you can guard your privacy from federal and local agencies and ISP, with the most advanced features and protocols a VPN can offer.

Benefits of VPN

Hide Your IP address and Location

Connect VPN, your IP address is hidden and you are anonymous online. Once you are connected to a VPN Server, your IP address is replaced by the IP Address of the remote server.

Privacy Policy

CASVPN has a strict No-Log Policy, which ensures that none of your activity logs are stored, which leaves us with nothing to share with anyone. So surf the Internet world with complete freedom and privacy.

Fastest Streaming Via Secure servers

CASVPN has different optimized servers for different activities such dedicated servers for streaming, dedicated servers for gaming, and dedicated servers for P2P File Sharing. All servers offer unlimited downloads and unlimited server switching.

Internet Censorship

You can access the content that is not available in your country through CASVPN. Enjoy the power of borderless internet with no restrictions. Defeat media censorship, access social media, watch movies or your favorite TV Shows.

Malware Security Protection

With CASVPN, we protect you with military grade security; we use AES 256-bit encryption technology that prevents malware to enter your device. Our Intrusion Prevention System also protects you from hackers and snoopers.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi can be a serious risk, for personal information theft. CASVPN helps you stay secure when using free Wi-Fi offered by hotels, restaurants and malls with the military grade encryption technology used by CASVPN.


United States VPN

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