• 1. Click on Start in the bottom left of your screen and click “Settings”.
  • 2.Open your windows setting and then click on “Network & Internet”
  • 3.Then select “VPN” to change your network settings
  • 4.Then click on “add a VPN connection”.
  • 5. Do the following
    • a. Select ‘VPN Provider’ as “Windows Built in”.
    • b. ‘Connection name’ as per your choice, such as "CasVPN PPTP".
    • c. In ‘Server name or address’, input your desired server address, such as I entered Canada server address here. You can get the complete list of server addresses from here
    • d. In ‘VPN Type’ select “Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)”
  • 6. Scroll down if required and do the following.
    • a. In ‘Type of sign-in info’, select "User name and password".
    • b. Enter your username and password provided by CasVPN.
    • c. Check “Remember my sign-in info”.
    • d. Then click on “Save” button to create your connection
  • 7. Now you can see CasVPN PPTP connection has been created here, click on it and then click “Connect”.
  • 8. You're done. It will be connected after a few seconds.

How to Disconnect

  • 1. Click on CasVPN PPTP connection and then select “Disconnect”.

How to Change Server

  • 1. Disconnect from VPN as mentioned in above heading, then click “Advanced options”
  • 2. Then click on “edit” to change the connection properties’
  • 3. Remove previously written server address, input your desired one and click “Save”
  • 4. Now click on the back button.
  • 5. Click “Connect” and it will connect you to your desired server.

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