How to configure PPTP protocol on Tp-Link router

  • • Before you configure "PPTP" protocol on your router you need to make sure that you are able to connect VPN on your PC via PPTP protocol.
  • • Moreover, the router you are about to configure PPTP protocol must have "Internet Access".
  • • The router in question is a separate router, not the one provided by your "Internet Service Provider(ISP)".
  • • Refer to the following diagram and make sure the configuration is identical.
  • 1. Now access the router's GUI by typing "" in your web browser and press enter.
  • 2. The username is "admin" and the password should be left blank.
  • 3. From the top left hand corner select "Network" then select "WAN".
  • 4. From the "WAN connection type" drop down menu select "PPTP".
  • 5. Enter the "CASVPN username" and "Password".
  • 6. Select "Dyamic IP" and below it enter the "server address". Get the complete list of server from here.
  • 7. Scroll down and select "Save".
  • 8. Now Select "Connect" and you are done.

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