Manually Change DNS Server in MAC OS

How to change DNS in Mac OS X and secure your VPN connection.

  • 1. First left click on “Apple Logo" and then select "System Preferences"
  • 2. Then select “Network" as shown in the Internet & wireless.
  • 3. Now depending upon themac os x connection type you are using either "wifi" or "ethernet" select it then select "Advanced" from the bottom of the same window.
  • 4. Then select "DNS" and Now select the "+" button to add a DNS address:
  • 5. Once you are done press “OK”
  • 6. You can also choose from the DNS given below for DNS switching.
Google DNS
  • If you want to use Google DNS servers, you can add the choose from these two.
  • •
  • •
  • You can also use OpenDNS instead, which has extra features, you can choose from these two.
  • •
  • •

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