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Security For IOS Devices

IPhone are one the best product of Apple and is predominantly used by people of all ages and like android backed mobile devices, your IPhone has to be kept secured. Call it our wallet or safe where we keep all our important information such as private videos, personal photos, passwords, credit and debit card details, social security number, plans and ideas. We don’t want to get our information leaked and fall into wrong hands and later get victimized by hands of cyber criminals. So as discussed above we need to follow all security protocols to ensure safe browsing over the internet. Below are ways that will help you keep IPhone Super Safe.

11 Steps for device security

Password Protection

First thing first Passwords are first step towards keeping devices secure and is also very important one. So keep your password secure and strong and please avoid using your social security codes, your maiden or full name, your DOB or your family member’s names as your passwords. Instead use something that people do not know about you while using upper and lower key letters along with numbers and once password is set don’t share it with others. We can set passwords in different ways such as pattern lock, biometric locks, PIN (Personal Identification Number) Lock, Facial Recognition, or Conventional Passwords.

Use of Antivirus Software

Antivirus software protects your devices from any online threats posed by malicious software such as viruses, Trojans, worms and etc. Antivirus will keep you notified If you do log on to fraudulent website but it is desirable to use legit websites or applications.

Do Secure Browsing via Secure Browser

You can choose to use Incognito mode while browsing as it will only keep the information and monitor activity till the time you are active or online once you no longer use it the data feed will be deleted automatically. Another benefit of using incognito mode is that it does not link your next session with the previous ones.

Use Secure Email Software

Use email software that are genuine and approved by apple, to send and share confidential information such as personal, financial, or official information. The best practice is to use the software provided by the email service provider or use the default operating system email client.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication provides you with second layer of protection to access your system or any application or social media platform. Be sure to use this technology as it will provide you with better security such as thumb impressions, father’s maiden name or your favorite teacher in school, SMS alerts etc. Different application uses different ways to make two-layer security a success. Some platforms send you password over the email or some code via SMS that has to be feed into the application first before using them.

Social Media Security

Use Social media platform with extreme care whether it is You Tube, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. the more information you share over such platform the more you are at risk of losing your passwords and once you lose your password all your devices are at risk of losing all important data. Also keep the password very strong and not to share them with others

Use of Firewall

Use of Firewall helps you to restrict and monitor the network or the internet access of the application that your install on your IOS. Firewalls helps prevent your system from hijackers. You can also limit the apps to what traffic they send over the network. In case your system is being compromised, the firewall will warn you with alerts notifications.

Usage of Trusted Applications

There are a lot of application over the Apple store and other platforms but it is necessary to use only those software application that are built by well-known manufactures and best way to know about the application more is to do some background research.

Software Updates

It is also vital to keep your system updated as new versions are introduced to rectify previous problems such as bugs, viruses and better user experience.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN or Virtual Private Network provides is a great way and has become very important and popular among internet user as the key component to achieve greater security. It provides you with secure tunnel backed by Malware, Nat firewall, encryption technology and remote servers to help to keep super secure over the internet and fight off the viruses and malicious software online for you while also keeping you anonymous online.

Miscellaneous Settings

All software and hardware have their own part to play in the security of your Windows system, they offer certain setting and practices, it is always good to understand them and change them according to your need and choose the settings that helps you keep secure. Settings may include screen timeout settings, usage of Pubic Wi-Fi Hotspot s with isolation mode, keeping your device files encrypted and regular updates etc.

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