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Dec 12 19

Top 5 Best Free Streaming movie websites

We all want websites where we can watch free movies online and enjoy watching them while sitting on the couch and eating popcorns don’t we? That’s why we have selected 5 of the best of best streaming websites that offers huge variety of movies for you to watch. Although it is very convenient and thrifty way to stream some of the most adventurous, thrilling and action packed films for free but these websites may carry pop up-adds, unwanted plugins, viruses and malware that should not be ignored.

Not to worry because we will tell you how to remain secure using best VPN’s like CASVPN and Express VPN and watch all the blockbuster movies with ease of mind. Plus, it is always good to remain one step ahead and know and understand them as new spectacular movies are going to be released in coming months such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Little Women, Black Widow, Fast & Furious 9, Wonder Women 1984, The new Mutant, Sonic the Hedgehog, The King’s Man, 1917 and Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn).

1. Popcornflix:

At the very top of our list is Popcornflix because of their huge collection of comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, documentaries, and Family movies. The website constantly uploads new releases and has staked more than 1500 movies to their collection. Best of all there is no need to create any account so just click on the movie you want to watch and enjoy.

They have large video player for you to watch the movie on but perhaps the quality of video could be improved. Else Popcornflix is one of the best way to watch free movies online.

2. Snag Films

Snag Films is also on our list as the best movie websites because of the gigantic selection of over 2000 films and TV shows divided uniquely into groups from where you can select the films you like the most. And like Popcornflix they have adventure, sci-fi, comedy, family movies, documentaries, action and horror movie collections which can be searched by tittle.   

They are compatible with lots of devices and show minimum adds before and during the movies.

3. Tubi

Third on the list is Tubi, that has thousands of free movies and TV shows ready to be streamed. There is some content that are also available to rent if you wish to pay for them but rest of the material is absolutely free to watch. Come on if we like some movie or TV show we may as well pay for them after all most are already free but if you don’t want to then there is no issues.

They offer dozens of genres including some unique categories like Wild Things (Nature), Best of British, Women First, After Hours, and Grindhouse along with the usual categories like romance, drama, documentary, kids, comedy, and horror films.

4. Vudu

Many people don’t realize the fact that Vudu also offers thousands of free movies as well, along with paid ones, with great variety of categories but the catch here is that they show a lot of commercial advertisements. We will later tell you how to thoroughly enjoy free sites without having to deal with pop-up adds and stay secure while browsing through these channels.

The best thing about this channel and the reason why they are on our list is because of the quality of the video they offer (1080p) even for the free movies. Few categories they offer are romance, comedy, crime & suspense, faith & inspirational, action, family & kids, etc. They have another link from where you can search recently uploaded movies and new releases.

5. Pluto TV

The last one to feature on our list is the Pluto TV that offers not only the on-demand movie streaming service but also the live TV services from where you can enjoy live version when they become available.

Another great thing about this website is that you can watch live TV shows and movies through your web browser through and you can also make use of other devices such as IPhone, android, tablets by downloading their app and other software to support the viewing.

Enjoy the funniest, drama, action, horror, and other movie along with streaming movies via channel 7, 52, 54, and more. You can also watch live sports, music and news as well. Making this channel the most useful of all.

How to get rid of pop up-adds, unwanted plugins, viruses and malware?

In order to watch movies tension free then opt for VPN or Virtual Private Networks that will help protect you from any dangerous of any malware present in websites along with helping you rid of unwanted Pop-ups and plugins that some sites forcefully ask you to download without your content. Malware are malicious software that finds any route to enter your device and steal content from your system. That is exploitation of personal privacy and your personal data like Credit card information, your identity card information, passwords, photos, videos or any private conversation may get stolen but VPN will protect you from such threats present over the internet and let you enjoy free movies from channels you want. It is important to note Free VPN’s doesn’t save you from viruses and malware they are there only to provide global content accessibility. Premium VPN not only secure you from any security threats over the internet but also provide following services that compliments your free movie streaming;

  • Ad-Blocker
  • Malware Protection
  • Best VPN protocols,
  • Fastest Servers
  • AES 256 Bit encryption
  • Global content accessibility
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • NAT firewall protection
  • Fast browsing and streaming via dedicated servers.