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Liverpool vs Man City preview.

Nov 5 19

Liverpool vs Man City preview.

As soon as the last matchday week was over Pep Guardiola playfully accused Mane of diving during the match. Whether it was a mind game or not Liverpool’s recent progress is sure to worry Man City’s Boss. This article is the preview of Liverpool vs Man City game.

It is the clash of two of the most successful clubs of recent times, Man City a premier league holder while Liverpool the champions of Europe.

The excitement is at its peak and especially for the spectators as it is going to be a proper football match. As both teams like to attack as both of them have scored the most goals in the league.

Liverpool vs Man City

Sunday 10th November, at 16:30 BST.

From winning two Bundesliga Title with Dortmund to winning champions league with Liverpool it has been a great journey for the Charismatic German.

I still remember his first interview as the newly elected boss of Liverpool where he claimed that if Liverpool doesn’t win anything in three years’ time he will walk away.

Liverpool is still unbeaten this season and it looked like Spurs would be the first side to defeat them after they went 1- 0 Up against the Klopp’s side. But even after a great fight by the underdogs Liverpool showed the resilience of the champions and won the game.

It has been some time since Liverpool last won the premier league title but after 11 matches played and no loss it seems this will be their year.

New King in town!  

Pep’s CV is even more impressive having won 17 trophies during his time at Barcelona and two champion league winner medal under his belt. He has won the league titles in Germany as well with Bayern Munich.

Now at Man City, the expectation from him is high and he is expected to deliver. Man City has not been at their very best this term having lost points to Wolves and Norwich City.

Liverpool’s Form.

Liverpool though has been more consistent but one can argue that their recent games have not been as good as Klopp would have liked. Still, they are wining and that what’s matters. It is going to be a very enticing battle and there will be no shortage of drama, bad tempers and goals.

Both teams will play high tempo game with their full-backs joining the attack on every possible chance. Last week Robertson Liverpool’s full-back scored against Aston Villa. This shows the importance of Full Back for Klopp’s side.

Who win come out on top?

Man City has arguably the best midfield with Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, and Fernandinho all capable of keeping the ball at their feet with great passing range.

But this time they will be up against world-class attackers in Firmino, Salah, and Mane.

Both teams but they have best Goalkeepers that are more than capable to perform match-winning displays.

While talking about defense Van Dijk has revolutionized the Liverpool defense. This week it will the test of his abilities when he will face tricky Aguero, and lighting fast Sterling.

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