NFL Even Sunday Games

Important NFL Games not to be missed.

Dec 16 19

Important NFL Games not to be missed.

As Christmas is fast approaching and overall excitement is at the high. From players to managers to fans the excitement brings new enthusiasm. And the positive vibe in-stadium can be easily seen in the stadiums. Here is the list of NFL games not to be missed.

It’s another important week in the NFL as top positions are up for grabs and matches are getting more intensified. This article discusses the important games of this Sunday and will tell you how to watch these matches if you don’t have access to CBS or Fox sports.

New England Patriots (10-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-12)

Details: Sunday, 1 pm EST on CBS

On paper, this “match” looks much more like a mismatch. With the playoff-bound New England Patriots heading to Cincinnati to face what is arguably the league’s worst team.

Despite a strong start to the season, New England’s offense has been sputtering. Also, its defense is beginning to look battle-worn. Cincinnati would seem an ideal place for New England to snap its current two-game losing streak.

But last week a bombshell allegation dropped: representatives from New England were caught filming the Bengals’ sideline during the game–a clear violation of the NFL’s rules.

Calls for New England’s legendary head coach to be fired have further clouded the Patriots’ roller-coaster season. Add to this a “nothing-to-lose” mentality for the beleaguered Bengals, and we may see the upset of the year.

Chicago Bears (7-6) @ Green Bay Packers (10-3)

Details: Sunday, 1 pm EST on Fox

After a strong showing last season and an improved roster coming into the year, the Bears were early favorites to make the playoffs or even the Super Bowl. But inconsistent play by Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (2017 2nd-overall draft pick) has led to a series of stunning wins and losses by Chicago this season.

This week, Trubisky will enter Green Bay coming off of a career performance in Dallas, where he posted a terrific 115.5 QBR (Quarterback Rating) and absolutely dominated Dallas’ star-studded defense.

The 10-3 Packers will likely pose a greater challenge, but the stakes of this game are simply too high for Chicago to afford a loss, which would almost certainly remove them from playoff contention. Tune in to watch one of the fiercest division rivalries in the NFL’s 100-year history

Houston Texans (8-4) @ Tennessee Titans (8-4)

Details: Sunday, 1 pm EST on CBS

With 8 wins and 4 losses, Houston may seem like a strong playoff contender. Yet out of its 8 wins, Houston won 6 by only one score. And last week, Houston suffered a humiliating loss against the 5-8 Denver Broncos.

They will have to play much better against their division rival Tennessee, with whom they are currently tied for the lead in the AFC South; hence this winner of this game will stand alone at the No. 1 spot, which guarantees a playoff berth. After a disappointing start to the season, Tennessee benched its quarterback Marcus Mariota (2015 2nd-overall pick) in favor of 31-year-old veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Over the past four weeks, Tannehill has performed at a near superhuman level, posting QBRs of 133.9, 155.8, 131.3, and 140.4 (the highest possible QBR is 158.3). If Tannehill can continue his hot streak, it may spell disaster for the Texans.

Los Angeles Rams (8-5) @ Dallas Cowboys (6-7)

Details: Sunday, 4:25 pm EST on Fox

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off of the most crushing defeat of their season (31-24 loss @ Chicago); the Los Angeles Rams are coming off of the most impressive win of their season (28-12 win vs. Seattle).

Both teams are currently just on the edge of making the playoffs–a loss in this game would be devastating for either. But the stakes are certainly highest for Dallas’ embattled head coach Jason Garrett. If the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs this year, Garrett will most likely find himself without a job next year.

Buffalo Bills (9-4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5)

Details: Sunday, 8:20 pm EST on NBC

After some remarkable off-season drama followed by a disappointing 0-3 start to the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers seemed bound for a lame-duck year as one of the league’s worst teams. Fast-forward 11 weeks and the Steelers are just on the cusp of making the playoffs.

The one team that sits above the Steelers in the race for one of two AFC wild-card spots? The Buffalo Bills. Of all the matches this weekend, this one seems the most even: both teams have top-tier defenses (Buffalo ranked No. 3, Pittsburgh ranked No. 5), both teams have struggled on offense (Buffalo ranked No. 20, Pittsburgh No. 28), and both teams have consistently beaten teams with losing records, and lost to teams with winning records.

Expect a close, low-scoring game characterized by old-fashioned ground-and-pound NFL football–emphasis on the running game, frequent turnovers, and of course, lots of big hits.

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