Formula 1 season 2019 Review.

Dec 9 19

Formula 1 season 2019 Review.

Abu Dhabi’s race brought F1 season to an end with Lewis Hamilton claiming his sixth championship title. The season had everything from a fierce rivalry between Ferrari and Mercedes to clashes between players and Tragedies. Passing away of Formula 1’s greatest legend, Nicki Lauda was a very sad moment for the Formula 1 family. This article is about the Formula 1 season review.

Season Review.

Mercedes Dominance

Let’s start the Formula 1 season review by talking about the team most in form Mercedes.

As expected the tourney started with Mercedes dominating the new season. With both Lewis Hamilton and Bottas sharing the first and second podium finishes between them in the first eight races of the season. Everything looked set as Mercedes looked clear favorites until Ferrari Joined the party.

But this little surge in Ferrari’s form could not last for long as Lewis Hamilton and Bottas finished the season with winning 15 races out of possible 21.

It was only in Brazil, Singapore and Germany GP where neither of them featured on the podium. Such is the dominance of Mercedes and collectively they scored 739 points which are 235 points more than their closest rivals Ferrari.

There is something about them (Mercedes) that makes you believe that they will be up for it again next season.

Ferrari’s Inconsistency and ray of hope

It was expected before the season started that Ferrari will cause Mercedes problems and will definitely reduce the gap between them. But that wasn’t the case as Mercedes proved too much for Vettel and CO to handle.

It was midway through the season where Ferrari won two back to back races courtesy of Charles Leclerc but Ferrari’s inconsistency was apparent through the course of the season. Leclerc, on the other hand, does give Ferrari some hope going into the next season.

Mark Verstappen and Charles Leclerc the future of Formula 1

This was Charles Leclerc in his first year with Ferrari and one has to admit he did a remarkable job winning back to back races in Belgium and Italy. Along with sharing podium on multiple occasions.

And except for few Ferrari mishaps and few personal errors, Leclerc looks a genuine talent. He also did manage to finish above his more experienced teammate Vettel, managing to win just one race in Singapore GP.

On the other hand, Verstappen who is just 22 years old already had racked up three wins this year. Further proving his credentials and it was in German GP where he should real maturity to win under extreme wet conditions.

He was also as consistent as Lewis Hamilton throughout the year. Verstappen and Leclerc both seem like a real deal and sure to excite fans in years to come.


Even at the age of 34, Lewis Hamilton shows the hunger to win more titles and fend off any pressure from rivals. And despite not starting from the first position for most races he still managed to win 11 of them. Winning the championship with two races to spare.

This campaign further proved that he is a driver for all seasons hybrid no hybrid, he is the best of the best and the legend in the making. He shows great experience across every side of his driving. And was exceptional in keeping his teammate Valtteri Bottas along with Max Verstappen and Leclerc at bay.


German GP proved to be the most entertaining with full of drama and comedy spurred by extreme wet conditions. During the race, Hamilton spun twice and eventually had to retire while Valtteri Bottas crashed out of the race too.

While Charles Leclerc was also crashed out during the 29th lap of the game. It was a race where safety cars were deployed on more than four occasions.  Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg suffered a similar fate crashing into a corner that ended his race.

Max Verstappen although spun once during the race on a crazy day but showed patience and mental strength to win the race.


The Formula 1 season review article can’t be finished without mentioning the most improved team in McLaren. As they really showed major improvements as the team and finished 4th their highest since 2012.

Over the last decade, they lost their engine partners, headline sponsors and their star driver in Lewis Hamilton. But after years of the rebuilding process, this campaign showed that they are on the right track. Carlos Sainz also managed to win the podium in Brazil GP. They have worked hard and deserve the title of the most improved team.

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