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Nov 5 19

Privacy Breaches a cause for concern.

The news of Google’s purchase of Fitbit have startled the privacy critics as they will gain access to the personal health data of users and this new acquisition can do a lot of damage to privacy of its users. This is not the first time that Google has shown their interest in getting their hands into public health information as previously they have been working to combine the medical data with artificial intelligence. And whether it is to drive the best health tips for individuals or not but the information they collect, is cause of a concern.

Carolina Milanesi, who is an analyst at Creative Strategies, suggest that the data could be sold to insurance companies and she points out Apple’s partnership with Aetna, an insurance Company, where a user can reduce the cost of an Apple Watch by buying insurance policies. Using Google acquisition of Fitbit serves as an important example to understand the dangers of the digital world.

Voluntarily or involuntarily data breech

The privacy can be breached either voluntarily or involuntarily, Facebook and Google are not Malicious software and we are the ones voluntarily providing them with details but even they can misuse personal information. But then there are Software that are made for the purpose of collecting data involuntarily and it is theses apps and website which should worry us the most.

Several e-commerce stores were accused of selling credit card details online for $1 to third parties. Whether you have bought your iPhone online or a pair of jeans, the information already has been provided to the website or app, you just have used. Ad firms like DoubleClick have also been previously blamed for giving away private information to others such as the IP address and location of the user to other companies. It is important that your IP address and location is hidden from cyber criminals as if they know this information they can easily attack your device with a malware.

Can Virtual Private Network be a solution you are looking for?

Involuntarily privacy breeches are termed as Spyware or Adware and websites that are constantly engaged in collecting personal information are also known as Data Vampires. Although search engines and e-commerce stores cannot be classified as Spyware or Adware but it is important to understand them as well to make sure your data is well protected.

  • Spyware: Spyware are malicious software that are hidden in applications and corrupt websites and if mistakenly clicked on them they enter your device and monitor all your online activities. on all the activities you perform online.
  • Adware: Adware is another example of malicious software that can install themselves into the device without your permission. This platform will show advertisement in form of pop-up and banners. DoubleClick can be classified as Adware.
  • Data Vampires: Data Vampires or data sniffing websites collects the information you post on their website which are later sold to third parties. Facebook can be classified as Data Vampire.

Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s provide Super-Fast and Super Secure tunnels for your online traffic to travel on the internet. Premium VPN’s like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN and CASVPN offers following benefits.

  • Ad Blocker.
  • Malware Protection
  • Remote servers
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Data Encryption

By using VPN, you can be sure that the Ad-blocker and Malware technology will not allow the entry of Spyware and Adware into your devices as Malware are identified and thrown away by their servers. The remote server’s facility further reduces the breech of information as your IP address and location remains hidden and are replaced by the IP address and Location of the remote server you choose from the list of servers. Through this practice nor the search engines, social media or any website can guess your original location and avoids any type of voluntarily and involuntarily data breech.

Data encryption is another way to protect your private data from getting hacked online. Some Malware that are not mentioned above can steal the data not form within the device but from data traveling on the internet example of such hacker is your local ISP’s (Internet service provider). So CASVPN for example uses 256-bit encryption technology that ensures that every data traveling online is well encrypted and cannot be read by ISP.


To sum-up there are a lot of cons of using internet to perform any activity whether it is for communicating with your loved ones through social media or whether you are searching for recipe through search engines your information is exposed and can be used to gain financial gains. A simple example is you search pizza recipe on Google and all of a sudden you start getting advertisement from local pizza makers in form of banners on websites you visit. The involuntarily information sharing is dangerous where Malware enters your system and steals your data.

Whether the information is being misused Voluntarily or Involuntarily it is still a Breech of privacy policy, a policy which we deem important and is the reason we share our private data online, the right to protect our data is at threat. VPN is a great tool to avoid getting hacked and be secure at all times.