What is Chinese New Year and how they Celebrate?

Feb 11 20

What is Chinese New Year and how they Celebrate?

Chinese New Year!

Chinese new year or Lunar New Year is the biggest and exciting festival that takes place in China. There is no particular set date but they celebrate the new year on the moon that appears between 21st January to 20th February.

Lunar New Year is also known as “Chunjie” among Chinese people. Although the country has moved towards the Georgian calendar like the rest of the world they still celebrate the new year according to the traditional Chinese calendar.

The Celebrations!

The preparations start a few days prior to the New Year with the city being mostly decorated in red colors. As soon as the New Year begins the city gets lit by the amazing fireworks throughout the country.

During the day most people come out on the street to watch the traditional Dragon and lion dance. Some wonder on the streets filled with Red lanterns, temple fairs, and paper cuts.

For Chinese New year also signifies the importance of family and friends. As everyone gathers on that day and feast on special delights and traditional foods while drinking red wine.

Finally, the day ends with the biggest lantern festival gathering making it the most celebrated festival on earth.

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