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Why Google left China in 2020?

Apr 18 19

Why Google left China in 2020?

When Google pulled out of China in 2010, many realized what was happening immediately. China had begun leveraging the search engine’s infrastructure to combat those that would speak out against China regarding the handling of human rights and the censoring of information. And, because Google was not thrilled about censoring search results in the first place, the removal of their service from the region was only a matter of time. This article is about the History of China and Google.

How VPNs Can Grant Access to Blocked Sites

Blocked websites are becoming commonplace, especially in countries such as China and Iran. Residents do not have to abide by these restrictions as they can use a VPN to circumvent the blockages and access any website they choose.

By providing a remote access point located in another country, a Virtual Private Network allows the user to surf the Internet without inhibition. Further, top-notch encryption technology ensures that the browsing sessions remain private and secure.

Those within China’s borders can utilize the Google Drive cloud technology by just using a VPN every time they access the Internet. VPN can protect personal information from the prying eyes of government officials, and ensure that any browsing data remains private.

As information technology continues to evolve, governments such as China’s are taking steps to block websites or services that they believe will hinder their ability to control the population.

Those wishing to avoid this contingency are well-served to utilize a VPN service like CASVPN, which can protect their online activity every step of the way.

List of Banned Sites in China

These are banned sites in China such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

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