Watch Maleficent 2: Mistress of evil

Watch Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil

Oct 11 19

Watch Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil

After the box office success of the original Maleficent, Disney decided that it is time to bring the Maleficent 2 to the big screen. The original story had a unique take on a classic fairy tale of sleeping beauty, with the main protagonist turned into a sort of hero that helped Disney in making away with more than $750 million, all legally of course.

Yet bringing the old Disney classics with new special effects seems to be doing the trick for them. So it is only natural that the sequel of Maleficent is much-hyped, eagerly awaited and looks like a real deal (based on trailers and first reviews).

Last Movie Recap

Let’s take a quick recap of what happened it the last movie. Disney recreated sleeping beauty with a dark beautiful imaginative vibe, with Angelina Jolie staring as a powerful fairy. She is betrayed by her lover who cuts of her wings while she is sleeping.

An unfortunate event that results in Maleficent turning everything dark while her former lover goes ahead and becomes king. Soon enough the king’s daughter Aurora is born. Maleficent reappears and curse the child that she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and an everlasting sleep with envelope her till she is kissed by true love.

To prevent the curse, the king sends his daughter to three pixies. One thing leads to another and Maleficent regrets the curse as she becomes close with the daughter.

But as curses are known to carry more integrity than Donald Trump, they eventually do come true, leading the daughter into an endless sleep, from which she is woken by the loving kiss of Maleficent herself combining all good people together in a loving kingdom. A great and fulfilling happy ending.


So it is only natural that Disney will pick up the tab from where they left off. In the sequel, story starts from 5 years after the event of first movie. Queen Aurora is all grown up and ready to accept the proposal from Prince Philip. In the backdrop Prince Philip’s mother, Queen Ingrith, is scheming to divide fairies and human kind for good. It is up to Aurora and Maleficent to fight together to save their kingdom.

Cast of Maleficent 2:

Sounds really interesting right. Well let’s see who else is joining Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning in the sequel. Michelle Pfieffer will be joining the cast as Queen Ingrith. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Harris Dickinson and Jenn Murray are also part of the sequel.

And if you guys remember Pirate of the Caribbean, Dead men tell no tales, the same dynamic duo of Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg directed the sequel.

First Glance:

Well, I am still waiting for anyone to call me for early viewing, hence I only have the word of mouth to share. At first glance, it looks like Disney has done a great job with the animation and special effects. It greatly enhances the feel of the movie.

The characters also played a key role, especially the chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfieffer has been lauded as grade A sass. So far all the indications point towards this sequel being a better movie than the first one.

So don’t forget to catch Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil in cinemas starting Friday 18th October and remember you can always use CASVPN to unlock all the regionally locked contents, share files from around the world and access content blocked by governmental propaganda, at a mouth-watering 70% off.