Games of throne Season 8 Episode 3

Games of Throne Season 8 Episode 3- Review

May 6 19

Games of Throne Season 8 Episode 3- Review

The Long Night is all about one thing, and one thing only; the Battle of Winterfell. The war between the Night King’s army and those tasked with defending Stark HQ begins, like all good wars. This is a review of Games of Throne Season 8 – Episode 3.

On the open battlefield outside the castle gates, as Daenerys’ Dothraki army (lead by Ser Jorah) charge towards the undead, their swords lit up by Melisandre’s magic. As she has conveniently returned from her mystery endeavors in Volantis participate in the fight.

The Dothraki are quickly defeated, however, and the undead masses return the aggression by charging into Winterfell’s first line of defense, which includes Grey Worm & the Unsullied, Brienne, Jaime, Tormund, Sam, Eddison, The Hound, and Beric, among others.

Meanwhile, Jon and Dany mount up and take to the skies on Drogon and Rheagal, reigning hellfire down upon the undead to take the pressure off the ground troops, but it’s not enough.

Winterfell’s armies retreat back into the castle, overwhelmed by the sheer number of attackers (RIP Eddison), but another helpful dose of magic from Melisandre to light up the surrounding trench buys them some brief time to recover.

The King and the War

It’s not long, though, before the Night King turns up riding an undead Viserion, and orders his army to use each other as a bridge to safely cross the trench.

Inside Winterfell’s walls, Brienne, Jaime, Arya, and others try to keep the invaders at bay (including Lyanna Mormont, who trades fatal blows with an undead giant), while Jon and Dany take on The Night King from above.

The White Walker’s leader eventually falls from his dragon, but Dany’s efforts to burn him to a crisp prove to be useless, and he heads for Godswood, raising the dead (including the Stark corpses below the crypts) to keep Jon from pursuing.

Meanwhile, Arya finds herself trapped within the Winterfell library, pursued by the enemy. But she’s soon rescued by The Hound and Beric, resulting in a noble sacrifice from the latter. As Melisandre reveals protecting the Stark girl was his predestined purpose this whole time.

Just outside Godswood, Dany saves Jon from a horde of undead Unsullied but falls off Rheagan in the process. Only to be herself rescued by Jorah at the last minute (which, sadly, doesn’t end well for our loyal servant to the Dragon Queen).

Next Move

Within the Godswood itself, Theon and the Ironborn’s ring of protection around Bran begins to crumble. As the Night King himself arrives, eventually killing Theon to leave the three-eyed Raven defenseless.

But, surprise, just before he can plunge his sword into the youngest surviving Stark, Arya leaps onto The Night King’s back. And thrusts a Valyrian Steel dagger into his belly, turning him and all of his followers (including Viserion) into ash.

And thus, just like that, the Battle of Winterfell is over, with only five major casualties (Theon, Eddison, Beric, Lyanna, and Ser Jorah) to count. The episode ends with the sight of Melisandre walking out into the snow. Removing her necklace to reveal her true self, and succumbing to a quiet demise. The Lord of Light, it seems, is finally done with The Red Woman for good.

Games of Throne Season 8 Schedule

Here’s the schedule:

  • Games of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1: Winterfell (now available on demand)
  • Games of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: April 21
  • Games of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3: April 28
  • Games of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: May 5
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  • Games of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: May 19

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