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Why use VPN to protect privacy?

Nov 5 19

Why use VPN to protect privacy?

The news of Google’s purchase of Fitbit has startled privacy critics. As they feel Google already has access to lots of public information. And this new acquisition will make them a complete data center of human information. Although they will use the information to create products for People’s health benefits. But on the other hand, Google will have a Monopoly in the Medical field as well. But why use VPN to protect privacy?

Google’s Interest in Medicine.

This is not the first time that Google has shown their interest in getting their hands into public health information. As previously they have been working to combine the medical data with artificial intelligence. And whether it is to drive the best health tips for individuals or not but the information they collect, is the cause for concern.

Carolina Milanesi, who is an analyst at Creative Strategies, suggests that the data Google collects can be sold to insurance companies. As she points out Apple’s partnership with Aetna, an insurance company, and how they share the user’s information. So Google’s acquisition of Fitbit serves as an important example to understand the dangers of the digital world.

Voluntarily or involuntarily data breach

There are two types of privacy breaches voluntarily or involuntarily. Facebook and Google can come under both categories. Depending on how they use your data. Although we are the ones voluntarily providing them with details. But they can misuse personal information.

Several e-commerce stores sell credit card details online for $1 to third parties. Whether you have bought your iPhone online or a pair of jeans, the information already has been provided to the website or app, you just have used.

Ad firms like DoubleClick have also been previously blamed for giving away private information to others such as the IP address and location of the user to other companies.

It is important that you hide your IP address and location from cybercriminals as if they get this information they can easily attack your device with malware.

Can the use of VPN protect privacy?

Examples of Involuntarily privacy breeches are Spyware or Adware. And websites that are constantly engaged in collecting personal information are also known as Data Vampires use Spyware or Adware to collect data.

Although search engines and e-commerce stores are not Spyware or Adware. But may misuse your information.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs provide Anonymous and secure browsing tunnels for your online traffic to travel on the internet. Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN, Nord VPN and CASVPN offers the following benefits.

  • Ad Blocker.
  • Malware Protection
  • Remote servers
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Data Encryption

By using a VPN, you can be sure that the Ad-blocker and Malware technology will not allow the entry of Spyware and Adware into your devices as servers automatically dumps them.

The remote server’s facility further reduces the breach of information as your IP address and location remains hidden. Remote server’s IP address and location of the remote server you choose is shown.

Through this practice nor the search engines, social media or any website can guess your original location and avoids any type of voluntarily and involuntarily data breach.

Data encryption is another way to protect your private data from getting hacked online. Some Malware can steal the data not form within the device but from data traveling on the internet. An example of such a hacker is your local ISP’s (Internet service provider).

So if you use a VPN your every data traveling online is well encrypted and cannot be read by ISP.


To sum up, there are a lot of search engines and other websites that capture people’s private and personal information which can later be miss-used by them. So that’s why you use a VPN to protect the privacy and security of your data.