How Fast Can You Expect A VPN to Be

Which VPN is the Fastest?

Apr 30 19

Which VPN is the Fastest?

Virtual Private Network enables you to use the internet to connect to machines while making sure that the connections are private. Most of the people are concerned about the speed of the VPN and they often search for Fastest VPN available.

The most straightforward answer is that; a VPN can go as fast as other types of connection and can be faster if there is a fast internet connection at both ends of the network.

The VPN server has a faster internet speed. Maintaining a stable connection is also very important in the determination of how fast a VPN can go. In case, of your firewall setting should be done in a way that will allow your VPN to flow unrestrictedly.


While the firewall may not be restricting your VPN, it may be slowing the CPU speed when scrutinizing all network packets. It is also essential to use a good internet provider to maintain a stable connection.

If trying to look for a fast server for your VPN, you need to know the country in which the server is located. But, the distance between your country and the server’s country matters a lot.

However, the longer the distance, the slow the connection speed will be. By using the ping command to check the speed between your computer and the server.

The Ping!

The ping command analyses are how long information takes to reach the server. In a Windows operating system, click on the run to go to the DOS command box and type the word ping followed by your VPN’s IP address and hit the enter button.

It will show you how many milliseconds the data takes to reach your VPN server. By doing this, choose between several servers available to you and select the one with the least connection time. You have to pick the server which is closest to you.

Fastest VPN

VPN’s main purpose is to ensure privacy and security online, but no one wants to compromise on speed. High speed and secure connection is always a top priority for those shopping for a VPN service, and many providers have laid claim to the title of the world’s fastest VPN.


While its US server speeds were about average, CASVPN excelled when it comes to international connections. If you want to download from a source in Asia or Europe, for example, it is a great option.

CASVPN unblocks streaming in several countries. Not only the best for unblocking streaming content, but it will keep you safe and your online activity private.

Apps are available for Android, Mac-OS, IOS, Windows, and Linux.

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