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What is Internet Security and why is it important for internet users?

Dec 20 19

What is Internet Security and why is it important for internet users?

Internet Security is a set of features that provides individuals with protection against threats that are there on the internet. So it is important for everyone to remain secure on all digital platforms.

Threats such as Malware and Spy eyes have one common purpose that is to monitor internet user’s private information and steal them for many different reasons. Some steal the information for financial gain by selling the important data gathered to a third party or steal it to extort money from the victim by holding the information as ransom.

So Internet security providers such as VPN gives much-needed security to the Individual user to protect them from harmful threats.

Digital platforms are commonly used by people today and some use more equipment than others such as keeping mobile phones and tablets along with laptops. So if the virus enters one device it may gather enough information to access all the other devices.

From taking photos to making video’s to keeping personal information on these devices is very common. And the emergence of internet banking and e-commerce stores, individual dependency on the internet is increasing as time goes on. It is very much advisable to get a VPN for your devices.

What role does Internet Security Plays?

Internet security basically adds multiple layers of protection on your devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and Tablets. VPN offers a secure tunnel through which your data travels and all the data that travels are properly encrypted. CASVPN uses AES- 256 Bit encryption technology, Military standard encryption technology, that keeps all information secure and unreadable by anyone trying to monitor or steal your data.

While VPN protects you online, Anti-virus and Nat firewall software help guard your system at the device level (from within). Using both is highly recommended as many of us use internet services daily.

Types of Malware:

Malware is malicious software designed specifically to corrupt, steal and track the device they attack. There are many types of Malware and all of them use different tactics to break weak security protocols and enter devices.

  • Virus
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Trojan horses
  • Spy eyes
  • Adware
  • The hybrid attack

Be-aware! Be Safe!

It is not correct to say that using Anti-viruses and VPN will automatically protect you, but you have to beware as well like Keep strong passwords, avoid surfing shady websites, not getting tricked by email scammers and not share sensitive information to any unknown websites or social platforms.

Why use CASVPN?

CASVPN is a premium Virtual Network provider that uses best security protocols, encryption technology, and Adblocker to secure you from dangers that exist over the internet.

CASVPN also offers a huge network of remote servers in more than 57 countries and counting and follows a strict no-log policy to protect your privacy and identity.  

  • Malware defense
  • NAT-Firewall
  • Ad-blocker
  • Data encryption
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Intrusion Preventions System
  • Protection for D-Dos Attacks
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 24/7 Human support

So Get CASVPN and be anonymous online and enjoy the internet with peace of mind.