Why do you need a VPN for P2P file-sharing?

Apr 8 19

Why do you need a VPN for P2P file-sharing?

P2P File Sharing Stands for “Peer-to-Peer File Sharing.” In a P2P file-sharing network, the “peers” are the computer systems that connect to other computer systems via the Internet. Sharing of the Files can be direct between two or more systems on the network with no central server required. Each computer on a P2P file-sharing network becomes a file server and a client at the same time.

For sharing of files over a P2P File Sharing Network, you would require a P2P File Sharing Software along with VPN Software, which can help you avoid tracking your web activities, as well secured files with the help end-to-end encryption.

How CASVPN make P2P File Sharing safer?

  • Secure your IP address.

When you enable CASVPN, you connect to a remote VPN server, replacing your real IP address with that of the server. This IP swap hides your location and helps you stay private while sharing files or browsing the Worldwide Web.

  • It Protects you from bandwidth throttling

With the help of a VPN, your ISP is unable to detect your activities such as when you are sharing files of a P2P File Sharing Network, nor they can implement the policy-based routes or Quality of Service (QoS) that. This helps you to avoid the annoyance of bandwidth throttling and internet roadblocks.

  • It Encrypts your entire online traffic

With CASVPN, files and all other data that you send or receive travel through a strong encrypted VPN tunnel. That means no one can get their hands on your private information.

  • With CASVPN, P2P is both fast and secure.

Some VPN providers, limit your file-sharing activities by throttling your bandwidth and slowing down the connection. CASVPN has no bandwidth or speed limits, we have no intention to meddle with your internet connection.

Instead, CASVPN provides Server that is ideal for P2P File Sharing Activities, there are hundreds of them in different locations around the world, optimized for file sharing. So you can enjoy the fastest and most secure VPN experience anywhere and anytime.

How to install CASVPN on Windows?

Here to follow the steps:

  1. Go to the CASVPN Apps Page and download the latest version for Windows App.
  2. Install and Run the CASVPN Windows Application.
  3. If you already have CASVPN Credentials, just log in or if you are new to CASVPN, just go to our pricing page and get your subscription now.
  4. To Connect, just click the CASVPN Logo to connect to a random VPN Server or you can select the server of your choice and connect.
  5. That’s it You Are Connected.


If you are looking for the Best P2P VPN for file-sharing or any other purpose, then you should try CASVPN. You can start by trying it or buying one of our premium plans that you consider most appropriate for your needs. Now CASVPN is offering services for as low as $3.99 per month only.

This service is available for any device and operating system, before downloading it, you need to make sure you choose the one that is compatible with your device. Using this service is safe and offers you fantastic user experience, regardless of your purpose is for using such a VPN service. With a range of benefits, this VPN service is the right choice for you!