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My complex life in the Digital World.

Oct 3 19

My complex life in the Digital World.

If you look at the world today, it is evident that a humongous amount of our information is currently filling the airwaves ready for someone to capture it. Our emails, browsing, and downloads, all are at the mercy of a mediocre hacker that can decide our online fate. It’s the story of life in the digital world.

Every bit of our information is up for sale and big white-collar firms are leading the pack to purchase your data by hook or by crook. A huge difference from the simpler times of before.

Old Days of Digital world.

Back in the noughties when I got my hands on the first gadget I was ecstatic. A purely DOS machine was good enough for a few old school games and a basic forum for coding.

It felt like something new and unexplored. Something that could revolutionize the way we connect with our environment.

Hours after hours were spent on the machine trying to code a person jumping from the top, or making sure Dave survives.

Then came windows, and it opened another spectrum in the development of the machines and how humans can interact with them.

And I felt that Jet-sons are not too distant a reality. I am sure a lot of people will agree on this.

From the US to China, more and more countries were actively participating in the progression of Information Technology. Computers started becoming smaller, Steve Jobs became bigger and Bill Gates topped the Forbes list.

Things were moving in a great direction. Very soon we were able to engage with peers through emails and video calls, get an update of the social activities of our friends.

We could order a nice meal via apps, to a point where we need a connection to accomplish the majority of stuff throughout the day.

And then came a reality check.

In our eagerness to welcome the technology in our life with open arms, we forgot to keep a check and balance.

It was lovely to see Pandora playing a song for you based on an algorithm or YouTube recommending the video. But after a while, it started to feel like my capacity is in the hands of algorithms.

Sounds robotic right? I felt so too yet safe in the knowledge that at least my information is only being used to help me out.

Little by little technology became much larger part of our lives resulting in majority of personal information floating around the internet.

Our habits, our likes, dislikes, buying patterns and financial information is all going into a huge IT black hole. Later to be use as predicting mechanism of peoples next move.

And then came the disasters.

Yahoo was hacked compromising billions of user accounts. Facebook was involved in breaching privacy rules to use user data for rigging the elections. Marriot lost almost half a billion user data.

Ebay lost quarter of a billion user data. Equifax lost hundreds of millions of credit card data and social security. Target stores and Heartland payment information lost credit card information in 100s of millions.

Uber and JP Morgan chase the lost the financial and personal information of millions of users. Even the governmental offices of the united states were guilty of losing millions of user’s information.

And the list is endless including Sony, Home Depot and many more familiar brands. Add to it the constant struggle against malware, spyware, and adware, and it is safe to say that the internet is not safe anymore.

And it is freaking me out.

Big corporate, governments, websites, and forums have failed to secure me against cyber-criminals. I do not feel secure on the internet because of the presence of data stealers, identify thieves and cyber-criminals.

My doctor tells me I have developed anxiety. My reflex action is used primarily for closing pop-ups and most of the border agents are well aware of my selfie collection.

I was born a human, but now I term myself as a human-robot hybrid or a humanoid. My gadgets dictate my ecosystem and I am vulnerable to cybercrimes.

My individuality is dying and I am becoming just another integer with no personal space or personal information.

Technology did change the world, for better and for worst.

So it is only fair that I should arm myself with the best tools to secure my privacy and keep invaders at bay.

But the problem is that I am not an accomplished security specialist with lots of time to make it happen. So I put my trust in the VPN. And I have to in order to avoid all the tensions caused by the digital world.