Reasons to use a VPN service

Apr 5 19

Reasons to use a VPN service

Some of the most common reason that determines people to use a VPN service include the following:

  • A secure internet connection in public places.
  • Get a higher level of security for online banking
  • Be safe when online shopping in another country
  • Unblock social media sites when you are in another country
  • Access your favorite streaming video content wherever you are traveling in the world 
  • Allows you to browse the web anonymously
  • Ease your fears about using airport Wi-Fi.  

These are only a few reasons that you need to consider before going further to look for a good VPN for iPhone.

The best VPN service for iPhone

You can start looking for the best VPN for iPhone. The answer to you search is CASVPN. One of the best service providers that you will find. Besides the benefits offers to its clients, one of the most important features of this provider is that it is compatible with any device. It means you can use CASVPN service on your iPad, iPod or iPhone, and also you can use on it any operating system, such as Mac, iOS, Windows and Android, this service provider is the answer to your search. Few of the main benefits of this service provider include the following:

  • Easy installation
  • One-click Connect
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Compatible device
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Wifi protection

How to install it?

If you decided to try this service provider for your iPhone, then here are the steps you need to follow to install this CASVPN service on your iPhone and start using it:

  • Download CASVPN iPhone app from the provider’s download page
  • Login to your profile to activate your L2TP account and then check the list with the available L2TP servers
  • Go to the home screen – Settings – General – Network – VPN – Add CASVPN Configuration

L2TP tab

  •  Enter the following details:
    • Description – the server’s address
    • Server – server address
    • Account – your username
    • Password – your password
    • Secret – shared secret
  • Turn Send All Traffic ON
  • Save this Configuration and go back
  • Turn On the connection you created and wait while it connects
  • Check its status to confirm that it is on –you are now done!


If you wish to have a completely secure and private internet browsing on your iPhone, then choosing the right VPN service provider is exactly what you need. With CASVPN service, you will be able to access any website that you wish, while being completely protected. You will anonymously surf the internet from your iPhone when using CASVPN.