How to secure android device through VPN

How to secure an Android device with a VPN?

May 13 19

How to secure an Android device with a VPN?

It has become very common to get hacked and more recently Twitter’s CEO faced the wrath of cybercriminals. Countless Android apps are also exposed to dangerous online security threats such as malware and spy eyes that can steal your data and sell them to third parties. This is why it is important to secure an Android device with a VPN.

More recently Ransomware has become the biggest threat to our digital existence. Cybercriminals find ways to gain control of your system and steal every last detail from your systems later threatening into exposing those details to others. 

Although Google is regularly removing malware-infested apps from the Play store the gap still remains. Many companies are finding ways to combat such criminal activities such as Rapid 7, CASVPN and ZeroFox through inventing new software or by enhancing security on their current platforms.

Another threat to android devices is the Governments spying or trying to tap every activity of their citizens compromising their basic right to privacy and freedom of speech. Especially countries with mass surveillance such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and much of Europe.

Need for VPN

Many people are turning to virtual private networks (VPNs) because not only they offer added security but they also provide privacy allowing with access to blocked content. VPNs are rapidly growing in popularity among Android users. A good VPN is the best privacy tool for securing your Android device by encrypting your internet connection.

VPN provides following security to its users;

  • AES-256-bit encryption (true for premium service providers such as CASVPN)
  • Adblocker
  • Hide IP address and Location
  • Servers from all around the world
  • Firewall security network
  • Offers Wi-Fi protection
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Intrusion protection system

Types of VPN for Android device:

  • Built-in VPN functionality on your Android device. With this option, users will only need to import the VPN configuration files and then configure everything properly in your Android settings. This method is extremely secure and reliable.
  • Use a secure and high-quality Android VPN app. Given that many Android VPN apps are not safe; you should be careful with this option. On a positive note, using a good app is more convenient and easy to use.

How CASVPN can help combat Online threats?

CASVPN offers military-grade 256-bit AES encryption technology that makes sure that no data gets leaked (i.e. Personal information, passwords, credit card information or internet banking details) and protecting us from data sniffing websites and ransomware.

The encryption technology makes sure that every data that travels through the internet is properly encrypted before leaving your android device. Making it impossible for hackers to steal anything away from you.

CASVPN also has a Malware protection system that scans and detects all the Viruses, spyware, worms and Trojan horses in any android app or websites.

CASVPN also comes with the Firewall security system that protects your data online many corporations have started to use VPNs as they have a lot of sensitive data and files that they have to protect at all cost.

Another benefit of CASVPN is that it offers 150+ servers in more than 50 countries around the world. Remote servers hide your true IP address and location thereby eliminating the threat posed by Government spying, Spy eyes, hijackers and hackers as they will never know from which server we are logged in.

In other words, we become invisible to them and anonymous in the internet world. To secure an Android device through a VPN choose the best VPN and remain tension free.