How to Change DNS in Windows 8

How to Change DNS in Windows 8?

Apr 18 19

How to Change DNS in Windows 8?

The DNS (Domain Name System) server is responsible for resolving the names into IP addresses. It is because computers read the IP addresses but not the names. So it is very important to learn as to How to Change DNS in Windows 8?

Reasons why you want to change DNS to Google’s public DNS:

  • Security: The role of Google’s DNS supports DNSSEC to make sure that DNS requests are securely signed and correct.
  • Better Speed: Most of the Google DNS will give you better speed than your ISP’s. However, this depends on how close Google’s DNS server is to you. It can easily be determined by using a free benchmarking tool; such as a Name bench.
  • Better Browsing Experience: If your ISP’s DNS is slow, you might experience times of total disconnection when certain websites fail to load.
  • Bypass geographic restriction: When you change DNS to Google’s, you will be able to access USA-only streaming service.

How to Change DNS in Windows 8 manually in a simple step?

  • From Start, go to setting option and select “Control panel.”
  • When getting the “control panel”, change the view into small icons and select “Network and Sharing center”.
  • Click on “Change Adapter setting”, then right-click on your connected network for “properties”.
  • Double click and “select properties” of “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCIP/IPv4)”.
  • Under the General tab, choose to use the following DNS server addresses.
  • Select to Use the following DNS server addresses and enter:

In “Preferred DNS server” type
In “Alternate DNS server” type

  • Click ok. Now You can use the new settings in your connection.

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