Can you be hacked while using a VPN?

Apr 10 19

Can you be hacked while using a VPN?

It’s often said that VPNs are the most effective way of being secure online. They keep your personal data secure and they keep malware away for your device. However, there’s always the question of how truly secure this application is? By using a different method, so can a VPN be hacked? Let’s take a look.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to create a secure virtual tunnel through the Internet to another network or device. If you access the Internet from this virtual tunnel, it is difficult for anyone including your ISP to snoop on your browsing activities. VPNs also help you disguise your location and unlock geographically restricted services. A VPN protects the confidentiality (data remains secret) and integrity (data remains unaltered) of messages as it travels over the public Internet.

How does VPN Work?

A VPN creates a secure tunnel for your data. The information you send to your ISP gets encrypted before even leaving your device, so the ISP can’t see what you’re doing. Your information then travels from the ISP to a VPN server that changes your IP address. Now, the website’s servers won’t see your original IP, instead will be seeing the IP and location of your VPN server.

Can you be hacked while using a VPN?

A VPN is the best tool to protect yourself from snoopers and keep your information safe. Are you sure your data is 100% safe from malicious attackers? Let’s take a look step by step.

Your Device

Before the information leaves your device, it gets encrypted by the VPN app.

  • They cannot decrypt that information without having an encryption key, which is only available on two devices, yours and the VPN servers.
  • If you have already caught a virus, used a weak password, a VPN will not be able to protect you.
  •  Hackers will already have access to your device and as a result, will be able to see everything you do on it.

The Encryption

If your device is secure and your VPN is on, your message or inquiry will be encrypted when you send it. One of the only ways to read it now would be by cracking your encryption protocol.

  • With advanced military-grade encryption, the encryption key here is a huge string of characters that are used to scramble and unscramble your data.

VPN Servers

  • The security of your message when it reaches the VPN server can vary significantly depending on your provider. If you’re self-hosting a VPN, then your server is only as secure as you make it.
  • Since your server will usually host a single user (you), you’ll still be quite easy to track online. A free VPN provider may deploy some security tools, but many also monitor users’ traffic.
  • The VPN server will decrypt your message and send it to your destination. However, an easy way to ensure end-to-end encryption is by using HTTPS sites.

Websites you visit

Once your data leaves the VPN server to go to the site, it’s again out in the open if you visit websites with unsecured HTTP connection. Even though no one spoofing on the traffic will be able to tie that information back to you that doesn’t mean that you can visit suspicious sites without worry.

So Can A VPN be hacked

VPNs can be hacked in theory; you’ll be safe in 99.99% of cases. They can completely stop hackers in some situations, while they provide reliable and strong-enough protection in other situations. The bottom line is that a capable VPN can be your best ally if you seek online protection.

The best VPN is mentioned below.


CASVPN is considered by many to be among the best VPNs around. Founded in 2019, the company is based in Hong Kong, which is a fairly secure jurisdiction for VPN services. The VPN service runs a network of 150+servers in 57 countries.

CASVPN use AES-256-bit encryption and support many connection protocols. Up to 5 devices per accounts are protected. The company keeps no logs of user activity.

  • Lots of protocols and features along with industry-standard encryption.
  • A large network of high-speed servers in many countries.
  • Safe and secure service.

When it comes down to it, the best VPN is CASVPN. This VPN has multiple connection protocols and great encryption. That has high speed and good bandwidth, with a wide range of servers and locations to choose from. Also based in proper jurisdictions for privacy and protection, keeps no user logs, and are reliable and secure.