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Jan 3 20

Can VPN User be tracked?

It has become very common for ISP, Marketing agencies and governmental organizations to track internet activity of individuals which is a cause for concern. No one would want their online activities to be looked at or tracked. It is completely unethical and against internet freedom which every user is entitled to. VPN or virtual private Network, offers features that can protect users online activity and keep them anonymous online. A lot of people do ask the question whether or not VPN is safe to use and do they really help it’s users to remain secure online. Henceforth, we will take a look at features VPN offers.

Security features to protect privacy

Encryption technology

Firstly CASVPN uses AES- 256 Bit encryption technology, which is Militray grade and premium encryption method, to encrypt all information going out of your devices with random numbers so no one can interpret what is being sent. The decryption key, that converts random numbers to readable text again and remains with the VPN user. So your data will travel through secure tunnels over the internet.

Hide My IP address and location and dedicated fast servers

Secondly, CASVPN will also help in masking your IP address and Location that helps you remains anonymous online. This is achieved when a VPN user GET CASVPN and log into the application using the ID and Password then chosing any remote server being offered, from the huge network of servers all over the world, the IP and address of the server that you choose will be shown on the internet instead of the original information. This helps the user to remain anonymous and under no radar.

Super Fast data Travel

Thridly, CASVPN servers knowns the shortcuts for your traffic to travel online i.e. you browse to any website, your command to browse to any website will travel through CASVPN will be faster than when you are not using VPN.

Other featuresThat CASVPN offers

  1. NAT-Firewall Protection
  2. Ad-Blocker
  3. Public Wi-Fi security
  4. Malware Protection
  5. Data packet inspection
  6. 24/7 customer support
  7. Fast and Reliable Servers
  8. Global accessibility of content
  9. Intrusion Prevention System

Lets talk about VPN’s Credibility

DNS Leaks

The credibility of any VPN can be checked thorugh DNS leak test. This test helps in understanding whether or not VPN user can be traced. With Free VPN, you might face  distortion from time to time during this period your original information will get displayed giving hackers opportunity to enter your system and steal the information while Premium paid VPN such as CASVPN make sure that such distortions doesnot happen and because of this reason they test daily to ensure DNS-Leak test is always Zero.

Internet Service Provider

While using a Premium VPN service like CASVPN, make sure that Internet service provider can not peak into your information and data travelling over the internet. The remote servers coupled with encryption, Add-Blocker and internet kill switch (kill switch will deactivate your internet service until your VPN connection is established so you are always logged in while VPN is on), features help users to be more secure and not only from ISP’s but also from hackers, government instituions and marketing agencies.

To sumup VPN is a good option to proctect yourself from spying agencies and to sum people it has become a necessity.