How VPN increase your internet speed

Can VPN increase your internet speed?

May 15 19

Can VPN increase your internet speed?

Using a VPN to increase your online speed; one must keep in mind that a VPN is a software that uses a strong level of encryption.

  • VPNs and Bandwidth throttling

When VPN encrypts your traffic, it hides it so that even your ISP cannot see what you are doing. If they cannot know what you are doing, they can’t identify your traffic for throttling or shaping, and if users are regularly subjected to these practices, they will experience increased internet speeds when using a VPN.

  • Inefficient ISP routing

The ISP might not always send your traffic along the most efficient route possible. The possible reasons for this are numerous, but this can lead to a slightly longer distance to your traffic target than there should be.

Where your traffic is coming from and where it is headed, so your ISP might send it along a different path than it usually sends your traffic. If this is the case, then a VPN might increase your internet speed every time you connect.

Fastest VPN for Internet Speed


Although it always depends on individual needs, speed can be the most essential element some folks are looking for from a VPN. And of course, because a VPN encrypts your online traffic, generally speaking, that produces some additional overhead that can slow down your internet connection.

CASVPN has over 150+ servers spread across 57 countries. During the performance tests, we didn’t experience much variation throughout the network, and generally speaking, we witnessed high speeds throughout. It’s all about consistency. Even the most distant servers were fast enough for browsing, downloading and other general tasks.

The service for desktop PC users, Mac, Windows, and Linux clients are available. All of these apps (desktop) automatically connect to the optimal server so you can experience the best possible performance.

On the security front, you get L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and SSTP protocol support, and you can choose which one you prefer manually, or leave it to the software to select the protocol automatically. Furthermore, you get a kill switch, and private ‘zero-knowledge’ DNS solution, among other privacy boons. And speaking of privacy, it has no logs of network traffic such as connection times or IP addresses.

The main disadvantage of CASVPN is the price of its subscription plans, which are a bit expensive, but it has a free trial for 7 days as well offers a hassle-free 7-day refund.

Here are the plans and prices of CASVPN

  • [$7.95 a month] 1 year – $95.4
  • [$9.95 a month] 6-month – $59.7
  • [$11.95 a month] 1-month – $11.95