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Mar 25 19

How to resolve high-risk countries Online Threats?

In high risk countries countless dangers prowl just out of sight on the web, through unprotected device and unencrypted data. Here are some of the major threats to your privacy and security, and how a VPN fight them off.

  1. Malware. Viruses, spyware and other malware expand through the internet like a zombie curse. They invade and damage your device without your knowledge.
  2. Data Vampires. Search engines, ISPs, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter collect your particular information and sell it to third parties.
  3. Censorship. It is one issue that manygovernments use to hide and/ block free speech by restricting the content that citizens can access online.
  4. Geoblocking. Some online services and websites use a field of magical force to control what you see online. Limiting users of certain locations from accessing websites depending on their locations.
  5. Hijackers. The web is searching for a gap in your security and use those to hack in and install code. Some hijackers use botnets to collect the processing power.
  6. Spying eyes. Many ISPs spy on you and silently log your browsing activity. These ISPs sell your browsing data to different marketing companies.
  7. Hackers. Stealing identity due to a connection with inadequate security.

How a VPN keeps you safe Every time you go online?

VPN is a tool that assists in creating a secure connection to the internet, allowing for data to be encrypted and secured, protecting you against data vampires from stealing your private and confidential information like your address, password, bank account details, credit card numbers as well.

Other than encrypting your connection, a VPN masks your IP address when you connect your device to any of the remote servers the VPN offers, therefore, lurking third-parties, spying ISPs are unaware of your data transfers and surfing history.

The better the VPN services the better the security you receive along with ease-of-mind.


CASVPN has a quick and easy setup process which makes it a perfect match for VPN Beginners. CASVPN provides you with military grade 256-bit AES encryption, safe guarding all data that you access and transmit of a connection. When connected to any of remote servers, for an ISP, your IP will show as it belongs to that location, hiding your true location.

CASVPN offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and a 7-day money-back guarantee on all of its services. Giving you a chance to:

  • Protect all your devices through VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth and high speed; neglecting the ISP throttling.