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Nov 27 19

Don’t miss the most important NFL Games of December 2019.

NFL (National Football league) is really popular game and mostly in America but over the years the fans have increased and thanks to internet the matches are watched all over the world. Every season there are 256 games in NFL season and the excitement gets intense towards the closing weeks as few teams who may have not started the season brightly gets there act together and fight for the playoff spot. The 2017 season’s runners up New England Patriots were eventual winners of 2018 Super bowl competition against the side, Los Angeles Rams, that has progressed superbly under the ownership of Stan Kroenke. The rise of Los Angeles Rams has further improved the competition as other teams will play new season with more belief as they will feel if Rams can why can’t us.

Although outside of US it is not easy to watch NFL games week in week out but the introduction of VPN has made it possible to follow every game regardless of where ever you are. We have selected most important games that should be followed in the last month of this eventful year and not to worry if you are living outside America as we will also discuss how you can watch it through CASVPN.

Best Games of December 2019!

1. Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

Date and Time: Thursday, December 5, 8:20 p.m.

Live on: Fox and NFL Networks

First one on the list is the game that will take place in the Week 14 of this NFL season between two teams that has great history attached to their respective clubs and some calling this game as the league’s most storied franchises meeting in Chicago. The Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears were both part of last season’s Playoff competition and they both are expected to feature again this season but it is not guaranteed but because of their recent success we are putting this game on our list of most important games of 2019.

2. Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Date and Time: Sunday, December 8, 4:25 p.m.

Live on: CBS

Another week 14 match that is in our list is between Kansas City Chiefs Vs New England Patriots. Last season’s winners are playing Kansas how can we not put this game on our list. This will be the battle between Patrick Mahomes, who is the league’s best young quarterback verses Brady, a playing legend of the game. This could well prove to be the decisive match as both teams will look for the top spot (#1 seed) in the AFC. This could be the most crucial match of 2019 NFL season.

3. Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys

Date and Time: Sunday, December 15, 4:25 p.m.

Live on: Fox

Another team featuring on our list is last year’s Super Bowl runner’s up. And you can watch them play in week 15 of this season’s NFL. This could also be a crucial match between two great teams and sure both teams will look to get into top seed and work their way up in the competition. A quick recap of last season where The Rams defeated Cowboys by 30-22 in the divisional round. Dallas will surely want to take revenge and get result in their favor.

4. Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears

Date and Time: Sunday, December 22, 8:20 p.m.

Live on: NBC

It may seem redundant as yet again Kansas is listed on our list but this game is also important for the same reason as both teams want to gain top spot and solidify their chances for the playoff. It will though be interesting to see how Kansas play against the team that boost really good defense. It is going to be a thrilling match and mistakes during the match may define the final outcome.

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