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Nov 22 19

Can VPN stop hackers?

Don’t we all hate that moment when you realize that you just clicked a virus and now your whole device is compromised. It sucks. But unfortunately this is the online reality. Hackers and snoopers are everywhere. They thrive on stealing information. For them this is their livelihood. One option is to leave technology for good which I know is not possible. So we need to find a way where we can coexist on the internet without risking our security and privacy.

Let us take a look at why hackers hack?

Normally hackers will steal bundled information from websites storing data as this data is valuable. They can also be hired to hack someone’s personal information. On dark web a simple account hack can cost you $5 per account. Hackers also sometimes hack your devices to use your device’s processing speeds for illegal mining of crypto currencies. Some hackers want to gain personal information and look for ransom money in return. Hackers uses following malicious software to attack other systems;

  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Trojans
  • Worms etc.

So let us protect ourselves

In the market there are multiple products targeting different segments for online security from hackers. Rather than going through all of them, we will focus on two products that are widely available, works for most users and has significant history in the market.


A simple google search will reveal 100s of different antivirus software. Most of them have a trial or free versions with limited functionality. In our research, we were unable to find a conclusive online protection product for free. The paid versions normally want us to buy a whole bundle. In terms of products efficiency, the paid product is good enough to stop hackers from accessing your data.

There is a small bottleneck effect though. A virus that is not yet in the antivirus’s directory was successfully able to bypass antivirus to infect the device. An antivirus also requires lots of updates on weekly basis and frequent scans. Antivirus will however protect your system from inside but it will not be able to detect any viruses present over the internet or on any other device that your system might come in contact with. In simple words whatever the virus that try to enter your system antivirus will fight them off or clear viruses that has already entered your system.


VPN on the other hand helps you fight against malicious software over the internet. It acts like an added security that helps detect viruses on any application or website that is there on the internet and fight them off so when you are online you will know that dangers that exist online will not affect you and you can browse or download any content without fear.

While looking for a Best VPN product, we were able to find a lot of free VPN products, but we were surprised to see that even premium VPN products like CASVPN and ExpressVPN were very modestly priced. A few dollars a month was good enough to get the best VPN product. We need to remember in order to combat Hackers we need to get the VPN product that is not only Super-fast but also Super Secure. They Key features of VPN’s are;

  • Hide IP Address and location
  • Malware Protection
  • End to end Military grade encryption
  • Global DNS servers
  • Best VPN protocols
  • Kill switch
  • Ad Blocker
  • Multi Device Supported
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • NAT Firewall protection

After purchasing, we were easily able to just install the app and run it. Since we were on a VPN, our IP address was masked and our traffic was encrypted. The same websites that we visited with antivirus were now showing no ads, no pop ups and smooth. Even hacking is near impossible because we are invisible and highly encrypted. Also with VPN you don’t have to go for updates and scans periodically plus you get complete freedom online.


After comparing different products for protection against hackers, we can conclusively say that VPN provides much better protection from hackers at a much lower cost and maintenance. It is easy for all sorts of users to setup and use. It doesn’t require special technical knowledge and most good VPN’s provide 24/7 customer service in cases where you get stuck. The best product by far to stop hackers.