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Dec 4 19

Atletico De Madrid vs FC Barcelona Post Match Review

This blog is about the breathtaking match between Atletico De Madrid and FC Barcelona at Wanda Metropolitano under wet conditions. It looked as though there would be just one winner, Atletico Madrid, because of the comforts but this is La Liga and anything can happen.

This match was considered to be the match of the season. Not just because of the greatest rivalry between these two Spanish giants, because of this fact that these two clubs are known for their deadly attack and defense. And interesting thing is that both sides wanted to fight for the very first Spot.

The Clash of the Titans!

Atletico had started the match with a great attack and managed to take most of the possession including 4 corners and 6 shots. While on the other hand Barcelona were unable to retain the ball and was suffering in the first half but didn’t concede a single goal thanks to two world-class saves by Ter Stegen though both teams did hit the woodwork.

The formation put up Diego Simeone’s team looked dangerous in the first half especially on the counter attack and they were able to maintain the same level of performance in the opening exchanges of the second half as well. Barcelona, however grew into the game and started to press higher up the pitch and kept possession. Both teams conceded 4 yellow cards. Alvaro Morata, for Atletico looked sharp with his movement on and off the ball while Messi and Roberto’s interplay were at times proving too much to handle for the hosts.

Messi strikes!

On 86th minute, Messi, makes the run to the box and received the stunning assist from Suarez hit, struck the beautiful strike with his left foot between the Atletico defenders towards the left bottom corner and Jan Oblak couldn’t do anything about it.

Stunned Atletico Madrid fans, couldn’t believe their luck but for Barcelona and Messi they did what they wanted to and claimed the top spot in La Liga.

What’s Next?

With this defeat in their home game, Atletico will definitely be ready to avenge themselves when they meet Barcelona at Camp Nou on 26th April 2020. There is going to be plenty of action in weeks to come in La Liga with the biggest match between Barcelona and Real Madrid soon to take place on the 19th of December at Nou Camp. While Atletico Madrid will travel to Villarreal on 6th December 2019 and for them it will be must win game to keep themselves in the title race.

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