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CASVPN offers standalone app for android devices to ensure that your devices are secured and optimized for utilizing the full strength and speed of CASVPN's robust servers, highest grade encryption and consistency.Stay super fast and super secured on any android device.

11 Steps for device security

Password Protect Your Android Device

This is a must step these days, this basic step can help you secure your confidential information that your phone carries about you and your loved ones. We can set passwords in different ways such as pattern lock, biometric locks, PIN (Personal Identification Number) Lock, Facial Recognition, or Conventional Passwords.

Protect your Device with Antivirus Software

Antivirus software are always helpful when we are dealing with Internet Access, most of the time we are downloading files from websites, in today’s online world you can trust very few websites where the website is sharing genuine files or which do not contain any malware. We have to be very careful while downloading such software. An Antivirus software helps you to identify and eliminate such threats.

Secure Browsing via Secure Browser

Using an Internet browser in an incognito mode or a private mode is always a good practice to avoid leaving your traces in your device or online. These are temporary sessions that keep your information only till the time the page is active, once the page is closed, it removes all the information. There is another advantage of using incognito mode as it does not link your session with the previous session of your previous visit to that website.

Secure Email Software

These days emails are very important, most of our personal, financial, or official information is always present on our emails. Using the right email service with the right email software is very important. Most of our android phones or tablets contain email software provided by the manufacturer or default software provided by the operating system, or there are multiple apps available on the playstore for email clients, but not all of them are secure. The best practice is to use the software provided by the email service provider or use the default operating system email client.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

It has been quite a while since two-factor authentication has been available for us to add a secondary layer of security for the services we use in today’s world, but most of us do not use this feature. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is as a second layer of security to protect an account or a system. This option enhances the security of our online accounts by asking us to provide two different information. This information can be a PIN or a Password which is sent through a different medium of communication which is provided to the vendor. Your account can only be accessed if both the information provided are correct.

Social Media Security

These days we spent our lives in actual and digital world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. We share loads of information on social media to share with our loved ones but there are always people who want to harm others. You can secure your social media accounts through different ways, such as keeping most of our information private, keeping security and privacy setting high and update to date, also not to share unnecessary information online.

Protect your Device with Firewall

For small devices software firewall are useful to restrict and monitor the network or the internet access of the application that are installed on your handheld device. Firewalls can prevent hijackers to highjack your smart device. You can also limit the apps to what traffic they send over the network. If you think your device is being compromised, the firewall can give you alerts to notify you about the danger regarding your device.

Usage of Trusted Applications

We all enjoy using different applications to perform our day-to-day tasks, if we have ample storage we can install multiple applications, but not application are designed to help you they can also harm you. Installing an application from the know Application developer is always the best practice. Sometime we download applications from unknown sources, which are not verified by the Playstore, or not from a known developer, these applications can steal your data or make your device malfunction.

Keeping your System Up to Date

Software Update can be crucial, the manufactures are best people to know about the possible weaknesses for the device or the software they have built. It is a healthy practice, to keep your device update to date with the latest version of the operating system as well as keep the software applications update to date.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

As we are moving forward in the age of technology, privacy and security of our handheld devices is also becoming crucial. VPN (Virtual Private Network) help you to secure your device and ensure your privacy. As it helps you to hide your actual IP Address, mask it with the IP Address of the server, so your real location can be hidden behind the location of the server you are connected to.

Miscellaneous Settings

All software and hardware have their own part to play in the security of your android device, but there are certain setting and practices if you do them your device can be secured with them as well. These settings include screen timeout settings, usage of Pubic Wi-Fi Hotspot s with isolation mode, keeping your device files encrypted, regularly backing up your device are few examples.

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