All You Need to Know About CASVPN

CASVPN is a service that allows one to be anonymous and secured on the internet through our super fast servers and with our military super secure grade encryption for up to 5 simultaneous devices.

We offer complete privacy and security solution for masking your IP through our 150+ servers in 57 countries. Our end to end encryption guarantees zero DNS leaks, automatic kill switch and ability to access regionally locked content.

This helps in bypassing governmental red tape, hackers, data snooping websites and more. We also offer free malware protection along with VPN to keep you secure on the go.

Our VPN supports all the major devices and VPN protocols to make sure you have all the options, along with 24/7 customer service, so you will always be our priority.

As per our privacy policy, we do not store any user data apart from payment information and email address to service logins, therefore we are unable to offer any information to any third party or governmental organization.

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